Russell Tammany

Russell Tammany
Santa Rosa, CA

Russell handles IT services and network management tasks for TWiT. He first got involved with Leo after his business, Xponentia, handled IT and support for TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell’s previous company. He's become a major asset to TWiT, and you'll frequently hear him mentioned on the radio show because of it.

Russell initially came on as a consultant for designing and implementing the networking requirements at the Brickhouse while it was being built. He stayed on as a contract consultant, and his role expanded to studio engineering, video streaming and encoding, directing other external consultants and creating workflow optimizations for internal teams.

Russell has about 13 years experience running a small business and consulting. He graduated a year early from high school to attend Santa Rosa Junior College and start his business, Xponentia, in 1999.

Xponentia grew into a Managed Services Provider with 3 employees in 2002, with a focus on small business Microsoft implementations and hosted IT management services. Xponentia has since worked for more than a hundred clients representing thousands of users in almost every vertical market.

Outside of his 60 hour work week, he enjoys photography, travel, camping, console and PC gaming, cooking, gourmet food and wine, motorcycles and cars. He’s also an audiophile, which explains his interest in home theater. The list below is of all the products he uses for both work and for his hobbies:

Cameras: Sony NEX7 and Canon 1DX.
Favorite Game: Deus Ex (the original).
Home PC: Dell Precision T3600, Xeon E5-1620, 32GB ECC, 512 SSD, GTX 680, and 3011 Monitor.
Laptop: Dell Latitude E6220, i7, 8GB, 256SSD, with modified IPS screen.
Motorcyle: 1994 BMW K75 RT Touring.
Cell Phone: Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD.


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