Dan Curcio

Dan Curcio
San Diego, CA

Dan is an Engineer at Qualcomm, a company that makes the processors in many smart-phones and tablets. He lives in the San Diego area with his wife and 10 month old son. He attended University of California, San Diego (UCSD) for electrical engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Dan has been an active contributor to the site, and has been a fan of Leo for quite some time.

Dan first discovered Leo during the TechTV days back when he was in high school. He's been listening to The Tech Guy radio show since 2006 when he got his first iPod. He then became interested in podcasts, and re-discovered Leo's show after browsing through the iTunes podcast directory. Over the years, he's become a bigger fan of the TWiT network and even visited both the Cottage and the Brickhouse.

As far as technology goes, Dan's mostly interested in cell phones and enjoys helping others get the most out of them. He can't help but take notice of what phone people choose to carry around, and often wonders what made them decide to choose that phone. As for Dan, he chose the Samsung Galaxy S III with the Cyanogen mod. He went with this because he was tired of not being able to customize and tinker with his iPhone.

Dan's other projects include his home theater PC, motorcycle, and car. Recently he's been working on a controller for his motorcycle that calculates MPG, fuel level, and displays it using the tachometer. He also enjoys photography, and you can see some of his work at danastasia.smugmug.com.