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Episode 1536

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Setting up your smartphone's health app so that your emergency info (ICE) is accessible from the lock screen, virtual reality being used to treat chronic pain, what to expect from Apple's event this week, streaming video professionally online, how to repair the Windows bootloader after installing Linux, how to share the internet connection from your smartphone, apps that can help the blind, what to do about the Blue Screen of Death on Windows, Chris Marquardt reviews his photos from Morocco, and more of your calls.

Episode 1535

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First impressions of the iPhone XR, how to know if your Facebook account has been hacked, what to look for when buying a new laptop, learning about iPhone photography, troubleshooting a Mac after an update, a good camera for live video streaming, and more of your calls!

Episode 1534

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It's Pokemon Go Community Day, how to avoid scams while making money online, what to do with a frozen iPhone X, best security cameras to buy, inexpensive PCs that will run Fortnite, how to do web design as a side business, whether to get an Intel or AMD processor for a custom built computer, Chris Marquardt reviews the "hat" photo assignment, and more of your calls.

Episode 1533

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First impressions of the Google Pixel 3 XL, a remote alert for detecting if an elderly parent falls, troubleshooting intermittent connection from an Apple Airport router, talking to AT&T about unexpected overage charges, capturing old Super 8 movie reels, the right microphone for voice dictation, connecting a TV to a surround sound system, alternatives to Thunderbird for email, a browser plugin to sort out fake Amazon reviews and more of your calls!

Episode 1532

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Leo's thoughts after trying out the Magic Leap One augmented reality headset, whether or not to replace an Airport Extreme with a mesh router, streaming services that work overseas, how to block robocalls, why a TV may be suddenly shutting off, Johnny Jet talks travel tech, and more of your calls.

Episode 1531

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Google announces the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel Slate, and Google Hub. How does the Pixel 3 compare to Apple's iPhone XS? Yahoo Mail password woes, how necessary is it to have a Blu-ray player for a 4K TV? Whether to buy a MacBook Air or Mac Mini, adding RAM to a Surface laptop, how to avoid getting robocalls, and more of your calls. Plus, Scott Wilkinson joins us to talk about the film First Man and The Giz Wiz talks about a smart solar panel called the SmartFlower Solar.

Episode 1530

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More on the Bloomberg story about the hacked Supermicro motherboards, downloading all of your email to search it, extending Wi-Fi, recovering a phone's password, best cameras for a beginner, why Bluetooth audio might be dropping out, versions of Linux that are most Mac-like, whether or not to replace an old iPhone's battery, best photo editing software, camera apps for Android, and more of your calls.

Episode 1529

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Has China hacked our corporate servers with a tiny chip? Problems with Microsoft's latest 1809 update for Windows 10, Scott Wilkinson is in studio to review Hisense's new 100" Dual Color Laser TV, networking and syncing 6 computers at home, troubleshooting a NAS and more of your calls!

Episode 1528

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Facebook's security breach affecting 50 million user accounts, Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Series 4, smartwatches for kids, finding the right scanner for documents, turning an XBox into a DVR, how can a waterproof watch have water damage? And more of your calls!

Episode 1527

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Leo's hands-on impressions of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4. Whether or not to fix a 2 year old 4K LCD TV, what camera to bring on a long trip, could the Amazon Echo Look be useful to the blind? And more of your calls.