How can I connect more storage to my iPad?

Episode 954 (2:03:17)

Greg from Hanford, CA

Greg likes to download videos and store them on the iPad so he can view them when an internet signal isn't available. How can he download and save them directly on the new iPad?

Leo says that the trend is towards streaming these days, thanks to Hollywood's paranoia. There are ways to do this, though. The easiest is to rip the movie to a computer and use iTunes to sync it over.

Greg was thinking of using iFlashDrive for this purpose since it's supposed to allow the iPad to have extra storage capability. It's a device that acts like an external drive that plugs into the 30pin connector. There's also one called iUSB that uses WiFi instead of a hard connection. Leo finds it interesting and while it's a tad pricey, it would certainly work.

He could also use DropBox, which would allow him to sync his iOS device to the cloud.