Security Flaw in UPnP Affects Millions of Routers

Episode 952 (01:41)

Another flaw in routers has been exploited which allows hackers to burrow in and take control over a user's computer. Leo says that there are a few things you can do to safeguard your router, and your network:

1. Change your WiFi password. Don't just let it be the default setting because everyone knows that one.
2. Turn off Wide Area Network Administration (WAN). You don't need it and it'll prevent someone from taking control of your router from outside your network.
3. Turn off Universal Plug n Play.
4. Turn on WPA2 encryption.
5. Rename your SSID. Routers have their brand as the SSID by default and it's best not to advertise that. Leo uses dead rock stars. You you could also name it another router brand. That will mislead any hacker trying to get in. You could turn off the SSID broadcast, but Leo says that doesn't really do much, if anything.

TWiT's Security Now #389 dealt with this bug and offered a few suggestions. You can also check your router by running GRCs Shields Up! UPnP Router Test.