The 'Big' Stories of CES 2013

Episode 944 (01:34)

There were 150,000 people seeing thousands of gadgets, TVs, cameras and more. But aside from TVs, there really wasn't much interesting at CES this year, at least not that would change the world. Chiefly absent from CES this year was 3D, so, as Leo would say - our long national nightmare is finally over. The huge thing was, as expected, 4K Ultra High Resolution. This is double the resolution in each direction, or 4 times HD. They're too expensive to really turn the market over this year, though, at $12,000-25,000! Similar to when HD originally came out, there isn't really any content yet to view, so 4K isn't really going to have an impact until 2014 or maybe even the year after that.

The real question is, how will 4K content be delivered to you? Netflix demonstrated 4K streaming, but with bandwidth caps, this is going to be a challenge. Sony even had an 8K TV, but could anyone really see the difference?

The other big story was OLED TVs, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes. The blacks are almost infinite and the colors are bold and crisp.

On the stupid side of CES, there was the "HapiFork": A fork that vibrates when you're eating too quickly.