Scott Wilkinson and Tuba Christmas!

Episode 933 (27:46)

Scott is getting ready for TubaChristmas Los Angeles, coming December 16th! With performances also happening all over the country. But he's also here to talk about the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which will be playing in six different formats across the country, including 3D HFR (High Frame Rate). But the best will be in theaters that have Dolby Atmos. But by contrast, IMAX 3D is the best, and all 48p HFR versions will be in 3D, so it's worth it to pony up the extra coin and watch it in 3D. But some are complaining that the film looks TOO REAL in 48p. Some are saying that they can see the makeup on their face and that the props look like props and the sets like sets.

The Hobbit is the first big studio release in HFR/48p and the industry will be watching to see if it's a hit. But Warner's is hedging it's bets by releasing in standard 24 fps as well. For more information on where to find The Hobbit in 48p, check out

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