Leo Returns from Cruise, Has New Outlook on Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini

Episode 929 (01:17)

Tanned, rested and ready to rock, Leo returns to the Tech Guy Show and your calls. Leo spent the last two weeks on a cruise in the South Pacific. Leo says that internet speeds on a cruise ship weren't that fast and had to be shared by 2000 people. So he'd get up at 3AM just to read his email. And he's not looking forward to his cellphone bill as his data plan was costing him $20 a MegaByte! Leo also brought his iPad Mini and the Windows Surface RT, and it was amazing how much both wanted to be online, which was dragged to a crawl.

The interesting thing is that Leo was impressed with the Surface RT and disappointed with the Mini, until he spent three weeks with them. Now he's thinking it's the exact opposite. He likes the Mini better than the Surface now, but the fact that the Mini doesn't have retina still gauls him, and he believes that Apple didn't include it so they could sell a retina version next year. For $329, it's still too expensive, but he found it better than the Surface RT. Leo has been forced to rethink his recommendation for it. There's better tablets and laptops out there, and while he likes the Metro interface, the indications of how well the Surface will perform in the long run are not promising.