How many wireless devices can a router handle?

Mike from Norco, CA

Episode 926 (10:08)

Linksys dual-band router

Mike is having connectivity issues with his home network and is wondering if he needs a new router. He has a desktop, three laptops, and a smart TV. Is that too many? Leo says yes and no. It depends on what he's doing. If everyone is streaming Netflix at the same time, the bandwidth won't really handle all that activity. On the other hand, if everyone is just emailing, then it should be fine. Four or five devices shouldn't be a problem. If his router is 4 or 5 years old, then it may be showing its age.

Mike should find out if there's a firmware update for that router. Otherwise, a good Linksys or DLink router would solve the issue. A dual band router may be the solution.

Also, he should make sure he's using automatic configuration on all of his machines. That way he won't run into conflicts. Let the router decide what address goes to what machine.