How is the accessibility with smartphones?

Laurie from Austin, Texas

Episode 924 (52:54)


Laurie has a client who has mobility issues and would like a voice activated smartphone. Leo says that both the iPhone and Android have voice activated dictation. The iPhone has Siri, which could be a great help to her client. So the iPhone may be the best solution. However, Google has also added voice activation to their Google App as well. So her client would get the best of both worlds with the iPhone.

The other concern is how her client would activate these features without physically being able to touch the phone. These touch screens are capacitive, which means they can't be used with just any stylus. She could use a capacitive stylus, though. The stylus would still need to be held, which could pose the same problem. A bluetooth headset may be the way to go because they can trigger Siri. Leo advises checking with an Independent living resource center or someone who has experience with adaptive technologies.