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Episode 888 July 1, 2012

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Jan from Beverly Hills, CA Comments

Yes, Leo likes CoBook, which is free in the App Store. It will sync with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and intelligently merge duplicate contacts.

Jan is a former Playboy Club bunny who has a web series called

Watch Tony from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Tony had his hard drive replaced, and the place that did it upgraded him from Windows XP to Windows 7. Now Windows 7 won't let him install the driver for his video card.

First he should check to see if that's a licensed copy of Windows. Leo thinks the place that installed it gave him a pirated version of Windows. His repair would have costed more than $150 if he also bought a copy of Windows. If it isn't a licensed copy, it might ask for a serial number after 30 days and then he'd be out of luck.

For the graphics card issue, he should restart the computer in Safe Mode. Then he should delete any graphics drivers that are installed in Device Manager, and install the Windows 7 drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Watch Chris from Denver, CO Comments

MagicJack wasn't really designed to be used over 4G, and he would probably have better results using Skype. He also had been using a dial-up modem to upload/download data from his work, and Leo suggests he ask about a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to do this instead. Then he can do everything through his internet connection instead of using that old modem.

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Watch Kathleen from Rancho CucaMonga, CA Comments

She could use almost any operating system with a screen reader like Jaws, but that's very expensive software. Leo's recommendation would be to get a new iPad because it has built-in accessibility features. In Apple's accessibility they have something called "Voice Over" which reads the screen. It also has dictation, so she could speak instead of type.

iOS 6 will be out later this year and will bring the Siri voice assistant to the iPad, which will also help Kathleen a great deal.

Watch Mark from Modesto, CA Comments

Mark has discovered a company that will incorporate your Google Voice with Google chat and your landline phone. It’s called ObiTalk. The landline phone plugs into the ObiTalk, which goes directly into the router. This connects that phone to Google Voice using your Google Voice number.

Watch Jack from Florida Comments

Jack talks about building a drone that can be controlled by a smartphone. He says they can be used to deliver small packages, and in fact can be made to carry passengers! Theres more info on it at

Watch Dave from Michigan Comments

It probably is to protect against spamming. After he sends the same message out three times, Outlook "flashes" and stops allowing him to send it. He needs to make a minor adjustment to it for it to allow him to continue.

Leo thinks there's a better way to do this, though. He can put all the email addresses he wants to forward that message to in the "BCC" field. That way the recipients won't see all of the other email addresses, and he can put all the recipient's email addresses there so he just has to send it once.

Sometimes Outlook will exhibit this behavior when using the Outlook Connector to allow the use of Hotmail, and there's a forum on it here.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Lynn from San Diego, CA Comments

Lynn has a desktop computer that had viruses, and she took it in to a repair shop to get it fixed. Leo suspects they didn't wipe the computer and reinstall Windows, which is the only real way to be sure the computer is clean.

Since her computer is freezing requiring her to force shut it down and restart it. It's crashing so hard that it isn't even giving her a "blue screen of death." Leo thinks this is a hardware problem, and that could be hard to diagnose. She said the place she brought it to suggested it could be the wireless mouse she's using, or even that it's next to a telephone. Leo says that's crazy, and shouldn't have anything to do with this. She should bring it to a different place to have it looked at.

Going back to her original question, no, her computer shouldn't be obsolete after 4 years. It should be fixable. She should get Windows reinstalled, and upgrade to Windows 7 as well. She should get the power supply checked, and also open up the tower and clean dust out of the fans because it could simply be overheating.

Watch Kathy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kathy is part of a group of people who visit a memory care unit, and wants to help Alzheimer's patients through music. Leo recommends Sonos Play:5. It's not cheap, but there's really nothing as good at a lower price. It makes its own wireless network and she would plug the audio source into the base unit. They even have a dock that she could put an iPhone or iPod into and then the music played there would play in each room. Each room could have its own individual music, and it even allows for listening on headphones.

She could also get several iPod Nanos with sets of powered speakers and headphones, which may be cheaper than the Sonos system.

Logitech makes something called the Squeezebox, but this requires Wi-Fi.

John calls in to say that many long term acute hospitals already have PC terminals in their rooms for medical use. Wouldn’t take much to install Pandora on them.

Watch Ted from Ann Arbor, MI Comments

This is in response to a New York Times piece about how Apple Retail doesn’t pay well and employee morale is severely soured. Leo says the Times article is a hit piece, and that Apple pay is standard for retail. There's a long line of people that would take those jobs. Apple has done plenty to warrant criticism, but the employee experience is no different than working for the Gap or Walmart.

Watch Carl from San Bernadino, CA Comments

Leo says that a real laptop is beneficial for students, because it's possible to have separate windows open. With the iPad, it's only possible to see one window at a time because all of the apps take the whole screen. Another disadvantage is that the iPad has no file system that he can get to, so he can't really download files from the internet. The iPad, however, is light, and when you toss in the cover/keyboard, it’s almost like a laptop. Leo says to try it with his old iPad for a week to see if he can live without that MacBook, then he'll know. A lot of schools are using tablets now.

Watch John from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

He should download Windows Movie Maker at It’s free.