Is there any business opportunities in computer repair anymore?

Episode 884 (34:28)

Randy from San Fernando, CA

Leo says that more and more devices, such as the new Macbook Pro with Retina display, are becoming unfixable. They only could be repaired by the manufacturer. Leo does think we need more support though, someone to assist in setup and configuration of computers, devices, and networks. The best business is really in business IT support, not so much consumer support. Randy will have to be really good at this, and will have to know his stuff.

If he wants to work with businesses, he should get a couple of certifications. The A+ certification, which is for tech support, is one way businesses can validate someone. An MCITP is another certification that businesses look for in a technician. CCNA is a networking certification. Leo sometimes wonders if these certifications are a bit of a scam because of how expensive they are, but they do carry some weight when looking for IT work.