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Watch David from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

David uses a VOIP solution called the MagicJack. But when he plugs in his phone line, he can barely hear the call. Leo says that it could be the 200′ phone line that’s attenuating, causing less volume. The length of phone line is just too long. The Sue says that using a cordless phone is probably a better option. You can plug the base station directly into the MagicJack and you can take the cordless handset as far as it can go. Good idea! Leo also recommends using CAT5 ethernet cable.

Watch Sam from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Sam is getting interference with his Airport Express on the lower room of his house, while the upper rooms are just fine. Leo says that’s the problem with WiFi, the higher the frequency - like the 2.4Ghz of the Airport Express, the easier it is to bounce off stuff. So if you have a lot of metal in the walls, you’ll run into a lot of interference. WiFi works best in line of sight. IT could also be that the spectrum is more crowded with cordless phones, other wireless users, baby monitors. Try 5Ghz. Less crowded.

Watch Marcos from Clairmont, CA Comments

Marcos is a novelist and he’s writing a book, but he wants to translate it in Spanish. Is there something that can translate it directly? Leo says not really. There’s no automatic translation that’s perfect. Probably the best is Google Translate. You’ll still have to go in and clean it up some, but it’ll get you good portion of the way there. Thing is, computers trying to deal with how people talk, dictate, write … those are incredibly nuanced challenges that are still evolving on how the computer deals with them. DARPA is working on something called BOLT (Broad Operational Language Translator) which would be something like the Universal Translator in Star Trek. But it’s a ways off.

Watch Rudy from San Marino, CA Comments

Rudy can barely see his computer LCD screen. It’s very faint. Leo says that means the backlit light has failed. Time to get it fixed or look for a new monitor.

Watch Tim from Norwalk, CA Comments

Tim has a Droid X2 and he sees several SD cards. Leo says that there’s an internal SD memory and then there’s the external SD card which things are saved on. Leo says Tim has been hunting around looking at his card’s file structure in Linux, which is something Android users weren’t designed to do. It’s probably best to not mess with the directories because you can mess with the phone’s file structure.

Watch Christian from Sioux Falls, SD Comments

Christian wants to build a PC and is thinking of using liquid cooling. Leo says that air cooled machines are just fine. Liquid cooling is usually done by users who drastically overclock their machines making them running really hot. Gamers usually do that. But for 99% of users, air cooling is fine. But if you’re part of that 1% who love to tinker, then water cooling is great and Leo recommends Corsair. Check Out PC Perspectives.

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Watch Chris from San Dimas, CA Comments

Chris had trouble with her iPhone 3GS backing up, and now it won’t sync unless she wipes out her phone first. Leo says it’s probably best to go back to the last completed backup and then rebuild from there. You can also just sync it again and then back it up once it’s done. Go into iTunes, Properties (right-click) and then reset warnings. Then say no to sending diagnostic information that gets sent to Apple. That’s what’s causing the long backups. The good news is that if you update to a new iPhone running iOS 5.1, it’ll automatically back up to the cloud. The Chat-room also suggests updating iTunes.

Watch Gabriel from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Gabriel has a Ford with Ford Sync and Sirius. But he can’t listen to Leo. Leo says that XM doesn’t want Clear Channel stations on Sirius. Leo also says that’s OK because Clear Channel has iHeart Radio and it works great with the new Ford Sync. That’s the way to go and it won’t cost you to listen.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi needs to extend her WiFi. She has different routers connected to her dsl wireless modem. Leo says take the D-Link out because it’s probably not playing well. It’s always best to use the same make for wireless activity. Leo recommends going to for tips on how to properly setup your home network. A great resource for those having trouble with their home network. Search for WDS (wireless distribution system).

Watch Ed from Santa Cruise, CA Comments

Ed reinstalled his OS. But he also installed Google Earth and now he’s having trouble with Flash in Internet Explorer because Google Chrome was installed as well. It’s all messed up. Leo says that’s an unusual case and he doesn’t think Google is really at fault here. Leo actually thinks that Internet Explorer may be the culprit. He recommends running update and installing Internet Explorer 9. Also, check your security software. The Chat-room also says that resetting Internet Explorer can cure a multitude of symptoms.

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Watch Phyllis from California Comments

Phyllis is 78 and has her first computer. But she’s having trouble with, as her daughter says, “doing something stupid” on it. It now looks like she’s changed the screen language on her computer OS! It looks like it’s Russian! Leo says it’s pretty messed up, but it’s likely she’s installed some Malware on her system that’s taken over her computer. What Leo recommends on this point is to start over. Find a smart kid in the neighborhood or a tech support person at Best Buy or something, and have them format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. The chat-room sees that there’s a community college in Phyllis’ area which she can maybe get help from, and there’s likely a senior center and even a computer user group where someone can help out.

In fact, an iPad may be a better option for Phyllis. The iPad has great accessibility options, voice dictation, and no worries about security issues. And you can also use AppleTV and mirror the iPad to a big screen TV. That’s the ticket.

Watch Chris from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Chris has an old video capture card in his computer using Pinnacle 9. But now that everything’s HD he’s seeing his video stuff is rather long in the tooth. Leo says that HD take a lot of RAM power and memory, and he thinks that a MacBook Pro or MAC Air would be enough power. It comes with iMovie and you can always step up to either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Elements. He also captures video gaming footage. Leo says a laptop won’t have that All in One capture capability, but you can get what’s called a “breakout box” which will do a better job. Hauppauge makes several for the PC. On the MAC - ElGato makes them. Camera wise, Leo recommends a Canon Vixia HFS10. Records to SD cards. Slide into an SD card reader and you’re off to the races.

Watch Walter from Huntington, W. VA Comments

Walter complained about the iPad web browser because it doesn’t use Flash. Leo says that you can use another browser called SkyFire, but Leo says that since Walter wants to listen to iHeartRadio, the best thing is to get the iHeartRadio App.

Watch Lance from Springfield, MA Comments

Lance has an older laptop and wonders if Ubuntu is a good idea. Leo says it’s a great idea. It’s free and uses a graphic environment. And very fast. Secure. Good support. One downside is that it won’t run Windows programs, but there’s plenty of open source alternatives.

Watch Bob from Arizona Comments

Bob has the same issue as Ed above with Chrome/Internet Explorer and Flash not working. Leo says the first thing is to be sure his AVS isn’t blocking. Also reset Internet Explorer in the advanced settings. Try using the stand alone installer of Flash. Close the browser and install. This should solve the issue.