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Watch Peter from Connecticut Comments

Peter likes to stream church services live, but they don’t want to use UStream because they have no control over the ad content. Is there an option? Justin.TV has a pro account with no ads, as does LiveStream. Leo thinks that all three should offer ad-free versions for non profits, like churches. Or at least give ratings on their ads so they can choose. Here’s an article from showing how YouTube offers ad free streaming to NonProfits. And here’s a link to a YouTube Blog post on YouTube Live and non profits.

Watch Dan from Tokyo, Japan Comments

Dan is worried his WiMax router won’t perform well with his WiFi router. Leo says one has to be in Bridge mode or there will be a performance lag. Leo says a WiFi access point in bridge mode would be the easiest and let it pass along the 2/4,5 GHz signal. Let the WiMax modem do all the work.

Watch Jeff from Burbank, CA Comments

Jeff has been hearing about the MAC Flashback virus. How are they getting infected? Leo says one of two ways. Tricking you with social engineering into installing their “updater.” But lately it’s been exploiting a flaw in Java. Oracle fixed Java back in February, but Apple didn’t use that fix since they have their own customized version. Apple released a fix just this week. What sites will infect him? Leo says there’s about 4 million sites that may be compromised. So it’s best to inoculate your Mac by applying all the software updates, because you don’t really know which site may be infected.

Watch Rich from Montgomery, AL Comments

Rich has been posting Podcast videos on YouTube that promotes independent music artists. But YouTube is constantly sending them copyright notices and taking them down. Leo says he gets the same nonsense from people harassing them. You have to appeal each one. YouTube needs a safe harbor for stuff like this. And what stinks is, the burden is on you to prove you have all the rights. In fact, YouTube has gotten worse by creating an automatic system that takes things down based on “fingerprints” submitted by alleged copyright holders and rogue companies are doing that. Why? Cause they can place ads on YOUR videos and make money! That REALLY bites.

Watch Jay from New York, NY Comments

Jeff’s accountant send his tax return unsecured via eMail. He’s worried about identity theft. Leo uses Lifelock because he’s a public figure. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than having your identity stolen. Check your credit card statements. Go to the three reporting credit bureaus and get your credit report (you can get it free directly from them at You can also create fraud alert or even a credit freeze with them. Then, if anyone tries to take out credit cards in your name, you will have to approve it first.

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Watch Mike from Sylmar, CA Comments

Mike is trying to upgrade Windows on his friend’s machine, but it’s not working right. Leo says the best way to upgrade is to backup the data, format the hard drive and then install Windows from scratch, then update it.

Watch Judd from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Judd left Mac for Windows and would like to get OSX Finder functions on Windows. Can he? Leo says you can always stick with the Mac and run Windows virtually. But if that isn’t in the cards. is a great place for customizing Windows. They may have a Mac version. But it may also slow your machine down. Here’s a source from the chatroom on How to Steal the best features of OSX for Windows, as well they say Windows Explorer supports “spring loaded folders.” Here’s also a link to getting Windows best features on OSX.

Watch Scott from Lake Tahoe, NV Comments

Scott has had to resort to using satellite internet service, but it’s slow and he has a daily cap of 200MB. But, he does get unlimited downloads overnight. Is there a download manager? Leo says that download managers were really popular in the dial-up days. David in the chatroom says JDownloader is a good one, but make sure you optout of the additional toolbar stuff. Star Downloader. Get Right. Exceed is a new satellite internet service that Bob Heil likes.

Watch Theresa from Long Beach, CA Comments

Theresa wants to match colors on her monitor with her printer. Leo says that monitors emit color, while printers reflect color. So that makes it a challenge to ideally match the colors. You can get a SpectroPhotometer like the Spyder. It goes on your screen to measure the colors and create a proper color profile. The ColorMunki is another. Pantone has a Spyder/Printer like the Hughey Pro. But Leo says that all moderns screens come with profiles and if you’re using the right one, you’ll get pretty close. But that’s only half the equation. You also need a colorimeter device for the printer.

Watch Reath from Silverdale, WA Comments

Reath has been doing digital conversion of all the family home movies, but he’s thinking of turning it over to a service. He’s looked at Memory Hub. But he doesn’t want a DVD, he just wants the files for his hard drive. Leo says that ScanCafe is one of the biggest names in the country. Leo suggests using a local company though, so you don’t have to risk shipping your memories. Or give them a test with one tape you don’t care about and test the quality. Having a service do it, they have techniques to clean and improve the image to the best it will be. But remember that VHS tapes are only going to be so good. But it’s a good idea to get them digitized while those tapes are still playable. And keep updating the format as new technologies come on. Store it in the cloud on Vimeo as well.

Watch Derek from Mareno Valley, CA Comments

Derek has an iPad and a Droid Phone. Is there an app for the Droid that will allow him to connect to Music Match on iTunes? Leo says that he’s in the same boat. You can sync your Android Phone to your iTunes connection and playlist through DoubleTwist. But Apple won’t let you use MusicMatch with Android. You could use Google Play/Google Music as well, though.

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Watch Don from Kentucky Comments

Steve’s grandfather is 92 and still sharp. But he can’t hear. Can the iPad be used to talk back and forth? Leo says sure. The iPad has a voice dictation feature which would enable you to talk and it types. May be a bit clunky. But you can also use Airplay with AppleTV and that way you’re not passing it back and forth.

Watch John from Redlands, CA Comments

John would like to sync his iMac to his new laptop and image the old drive. Leo says you can use the disc utility, but Leo recommends using SuperDuper. Boot into Target Disc mode. Then connect to your new Mac via firewire or ethernet. Then use SuperDuper to image the laptop onto the iMac. It would probably be best, however, to just install clean.

Watch David from Delaware Comments

David’s son wants to build apps and he’s looking for a good app developer. Leo says that there are places to hire coders … like StackOverflow is where good programmers hang out. The problem though, is that you still need to market them.

Watch Jim from Dayton, OH Comments

Jim needs to learn SQL. Leo recommends learning MySQL. Check iTunes U for lectures. Many universities puts coursewear online. There’s also YouTube and Open Courseware. is another good source online as is W3 schools.

Watch Kuwan from Wisconsin Comments

What is the best AVS paid or unpaid? Leo says that Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent free AVS, but Leo has always recommended Eset’s NOD32.

He also needs a router with more range. Leo says that the WRT54 router is the most hackable router and you can add the Tomato firmware which will help extend your range. But the best consumer router is the Apple Aiport Extreme for MAC. DLink and NetGear make excellent products. Especially, the DLink Game Lounge routers.

Watch Ken from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Ken has been bit by a pair of exploits. Leo says that if Eset says you’re clean, there may just be a file attachment that has been corrupted, but you haven’t been bit yet. It’s always best to not open attachments. And it’s probably a false positive by Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool. Go online and run an antivirus scan to get another opinion.

Watch Jim from Northridge, CA Comments

Jim wants to scan some pages and then edit the text. Leo says that’s called Optical Character Resolution (OCR) and it will give you various results. It’ll never be perfect. ReadIris is the best OCR program out there.

Watch Verne from Long Beach, CA Comments

Verne has trouble syncing his Android to iCloud via IMAP. It won’t authenticate login. Santosh has an article on how to do it with step by step instructions, including changing your password, which can cause incompatibilities. Apple has a technote here. Leo says that Google’s services (Gmail, Contacts, Calendars) is the better way to do it. You can have GMail pick up your Me.Com account so that could be the best way to do it.

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose wants to image his drive with Clonezilla. Leo agrees! It’s very good. Can he restore back to a different hard drive? Leo says that’s what’s meant to do, so you’re good to go!