Leo Got the Samsung Galaxy S9 and HP Envy X2

Episode 1471 (03:02)

Samsung Galaxy S9+

This week, Leo got the Samsung Galaxy S9. Not only does it have one of the best cameras ever, DxOMark says the screen is practically perfect in every way. Leo also says he's pleased that the fingerprint reader was finally put in the right place. But what's strange for him is that there's not much difference between the Galaxy S9 and the Note 8. It may have a faster processor and is slightly smaller, but they're practically the same.

Leo also got a new HP Envy X2, which is the first laptop to run on an ARM processor. But even then, it's still running on Windows 10S, which means it only runs 32 bit programs and only from the Windows app store. It has 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, plus a microSD card slot. It also weighs a pound and a half and has fantastic battery life. HP says it can get 22 hours, which means 11 hours in reality. But Leo says he's getting more like 15-16 hours. It's amazing. And it has LTE, so all you need to do is put in a Google Fi SIM. But at $1,000, it's not cheap. Leo also says it's really slow. Leo's recommendation is that there's a lot to like, but he wouldn't recommend buying it.