Why won't my laptop shut down?

Episode 1433 (1:31:13)

Aaron from Massachusetts
Windows 10

Aaron has issues with his laptop going to sleep all the time. Leo suggested wiping the drive and starting over because Windows makes decisions about power management during installation and if it gets it wrong, he's stuck. Aaron tried that and now it won't shut down completely. Leo suggests booting into Linux Ubuntu from a USB key to check if the power down happens. He'll need Rufus to do that and make it bootable. If it does, then he'll know it's his Windows Software installation and he'll need to do it again or run Windows' repair installation utility. If he presses the Windows Key, and types disc cleanup, it'll clear out old system files.

The chatroom adds that shutting down with hibernation can also cause this. So Aaron should turn off Fast Startup in the startup settings. HowtoGeek has an article on how to do this. He should also update his motherboard drivers. That could also fix it.

Aaron is also getting Time Capsule and is wondering if he should incorporate it into his network. Leo says that Apple has gotten out of the router business and they're not updating Time Capsule anymore. He should just use it as a backup drive.