Why is my cable internet modem so slow?

Episode 1433 (26:41)

Brad from San Clemente, CA
ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Brad is getting a new modem with his cable internet provider. Leo suggests buying his own DOCSIS 3 modem. Leo likes the Arris Surfboard. He'll save $10 a month in modem rental fees and it'll make his internet run much faster. He should go to his cable internet provider's website and see what new routers they support. Leo also says he'll need to demand they put him on the DOCSIS 3 switch. If he's been given a new modem, but he's on the same old lane, he's not going to get any faster than he was before. So he should tell them he expects to be "provisioned" for DOCSIS 3.

Brad also has an old Kyocera Android phone and it takes 20 seconds to send a text. Leo says it's probably due to be updated. It was probably Android 6 and we're up to 8 now. If that doesn't work, he should backup all of his data and reinstall the operating system by selecting device factory reset. But since it's a few years old, it'll never be as fast as the current state of the art.