Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1433 (13:18)

Johnny Jet

Fall is a great time to visit back east because all the foliage is turning into beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Johnny Jet is in New York and enjoying the turning of the foliage in Central Park.

Apps of the Week - LeafPeeper. Report foliage wherever you are in the country.
Bonus App: TripWhistle. 911 Isn't universal, so knowing what emergency numbers are in the country you're traveling in is vital. Trip Whistle has emergency numbers in 196 countries around the world that you can contact with a single touch. iOS only.

Travel Tip - If you're flying on an older plane with no power ports in your seat, it pays to bring along a spare battery or external charger. To find out if your plane has power ports, check out Leo says you want an external charger with at least 10,000 mAh hours for multiple charging sessions. He likes Anker.