Are YubiKeys accessible for the blind?

Episode 1433 (1:10:42)

Tom from New Hampshire

Tom wants to know where he can find a YubiKey, and whether or not it's accessible for the blind. Leo says they are accessible, and he can get it at This is a little USB device that plugs into a USB port, and the computer sees it as a keyboard. The YubiKey will light up, and then press the button on the key. Just make sure the cursor is in the correct field that it will need to fill, and it will fill in the password. This doesn't work for an iPhone, however, because it doesn't have a USB port. For that, he would need something from Vasco called the DigiPass. The only issue is, Leo isn't sure what on the iPhone would use that.

He can find out what LastPass supports by going into his Vault, and clicking on account settings. He'll see a "multifactor options" tab that will have all of the multifactor devices that work with it. Leo recommends Duo Security. This will send a notification to his phone whenever he logs into LastPass, and he just has to tap "yes" to confirm that it's him.