What's the best tuner for my HDTV?

Episode 1419 (12:00)

Michael from San Juan Capistrano, CA
TiVo Roamio

Michael put up an HDTV antenna, and for eight months he saved hundreds over a cable bill. Leo says it's also a lot better because it's not compressed. He used it on his new 65" HD TV. But his tuner died. What does Leo recommend to replace the bad tuner he had? Leo says that Hauppauge has one. Most of the tuners are mostly commodity brands. Leo's guessing that there's one factory in China that makes them and slaps different nameplates on them. Leo recommends going to MonoPrice.com. They are a good low-cost source for this kind of gear, but will also provide support.

Silicon Dust has an OTA broadcast tuner, as does ChannelMaster with their DVR. Those are the three best options.

John from Oxnard called in to say that TiVo has finally come out with an over the air tuner/DVR in the TiVo Roamio. Leo says that TiVo is the best at DVRs, bar none, and it's about time they've gone over the air.