Do I have a virus on my Android phone?

Episode 1417 (1:00:00)

Diane from Oxnard, CA

Diane got a message that said "downloading virus" when she went to a website on her Android phone. Leo says that's a bogus popup designed to scare her into downloading something. There's no legitimate message on her phone warning her that it will download a virus. She has a blank screen now, though. Leo says that is probably coincidental. It sounds like her phone's screen has gone out, or she could have a bad charging cable or clogged charging port preventing it to charge. There is a forced recovery mode for Android to bring it back up. If that doesn't work, then it's time to go to a third party phone repair place. They are very good at taking the phone apart and figuring out what's wrong with it. But depending on the age of the phone, it may not be worth fixing.