Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1416 (2:05:11)

Dick DeBartolo

The Rosewill Compact Countertop Ice Maker can make ice cubes in about 8 minutes. They're more like ice-shaped bullets that are hidden at the center. You start the process by pouring water into the unit and selecting 'large or small' cubes. It makes the cubes in little batches and takes about an hour or more to fill the small ice tray. But they chill drinks quickly and don't get stuck together when sitting in the ice tray. Since this is not connected to a water supply it's perfect for a small RV, boat, kitchen, etc. It just needs a 110V outlet that accepts a 3-prong plug. The case is mostly stainless steel with the rest that looks like a very decent plastic. The company says it's able to make 26.5 lb of small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes every 24 hours. It automatically stops producing more ice when it senses the ice tray is full. The integrated storage bin holds 1.54 lb of ice. $109.99 including tax and shipping. Warranties are often a waste of money, but a four year one for just $14 seemed like a good deal – just $3.50 a year, isn't a bad price for peace of mind.

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Rosewell is a brand from NewEgg, so check newegg.com for price too. Sometimes it's on sale for $10 less than Amazon, but sometimes $20 more.