Why can't I install my DVD burner software?

Episode 1410 (1:03:48)

Jim from Tallahassee, FL

Jim is trying to install a program from Roxio and he's getting a ton of error messages. Roxio says he needs to remove the old version of the program first. Leo says it could be something wrong with his optical drive, so he should see if he can get a download link to the software and install it that way. This will take his drive out of the chain.

Leo says that often with Roxio, this problem will creep up due to a conflict with an existing driver or codec. Roxio should know this because it happens quite often. The chatroom says they had the same problem and was told to reinstall the runtime drivers, but Leo says that's just silly. Leo suggests giving up on Roxio and installing freeware. Windows should even be able to do it natively.