Is Skype good for online chats?

Episode 1406 (12:20)

Brian from Seal Beach, CA
Skype on Windows laptop

Brian is going to be giving a sales presentation via Skype with two different speakers out of town. Is Skype the best option for a one time group chat? Leo says that Skype would work, but he believes there's better online conferencing options out there. GoToMeeting from Citrix, which was a long time sponsor. They also have GoToWebinar. and Cisco WebEx are other options.

All of these options offer a free trial, so he can sign up for all three and test them to see which works best. He'll also need a mic that plugs into his desktop PC, like a USB headset mic. He could also do a wireless option, but he'll need to connect the base station to the PC. Brian should talk to the AV company about what's best. Google Hangouts would even work.

Will it work well? Leo says it's unpredictable, but often they sound like they are in the same room with him. He'll want 1 to 2 MB upstream at least. So he should make sure his speakers have a solid and fast connection. He should make sure he does a dry run as well.