Why aren't I getting my Android updates?

Episode 1405 (2:02:21)

Steve from Denver, CO
Motorola Droid 3

Steve doesn't know if he's getting the latest version of Android or not. Leo says there's so many approvals that are required with Android updates. Google puts them out, but that doesn't mean his ISP or his his phone's manufacturer has released them to his phone. Few have made the pledge to promptly put updates out. What's important, though, is that he gets all the security updates. If he's not getting those, then he's vulnerable and nobody other than Google really cares. That's why Leo prefers to use Google's phones. They get updated automatically.

Steve has also noticed that apps are opening on their own. Leo says that usually indicates a damaged digitizer. It could be a software issue, so he can try resetting it first. If it still happens, he'll need to replace it, and there's a good chance that his carrier or manufacturer will replace it for him. He can also enable a feature in the developers setting that will turn on a dot when it thinks it's being touched.