How can I stop getting spam?

Episode 1404 (18:21)

Theresa from Honolulu, HI
No spam

Theresa struggles with getting spam. Leo says that most ISPs have good spam filters, but it looks like Theresa's provider, Roadrunner, does not. So her spam fight is up to her. Leo has a three stage spam solution:

First, Leo suggests getting a Gmail account. She doesn't have to get rid of her current email address to do it, either. In the settings, Theresa can get Gmail to go out and get her mail (in the email forwarding section). Gmail has collaborative spam filters that learn based on email behavior. Every time she marks a message as spam, Gmail learns. She can also use her home email in the return email form, so nobody really knows she even uses Gmail.

Second, Theresa can use Outlook to collect her Gmail email. Then she can use Outlook to filter spam again. She can also create custom filters to categorize email.

Third, she can get a third party email plugin from Gmail to clean up her inbox. Sanebox is one that can clean up her email and route unwanted email into a "black hole."