Windows 10 Creators Update Rolls Out to Users

Episode 1379 (2:06:18)

Microsoft is going to start rolling out the Creators Update to Windows 10 starting April 11. This won't be a massive change in terms of how it looks, but there will be a considerable amount of new features. While last year's Anniversary Update was a problem for some people, Microsoft has fixed those bugs over time. Leo's not counting on it being quite reliable, but it is still good advice that if you get offered the Creator's Update on April 11, you may want to wait. You should be able to defer the update for as long as you can.

One of the things they are fixing in the Creator's Update is the problem of Windows rebooting to install updates while you're in the middle of working on something. Leo thinks that this is an update everyone should eventually do, however. Microsoft shouldn't be offering the update until it's confident that everything you use will continue to work. As a result, some people will get the update later as Microsoft has more updated drivers.