How do I encrypt my NAS?

Episode 1379 (2:10:09)

Dave from Flint, MI
Synology DiskStation DS1515+

Dave bought a five drive Synology NAS. He was having trouble with parity checking and so he had to go turn off services in order to get through it all. He should also use the Synology Connection System, which is a lot easier.

Dave was also getting a "not secure" message. Should he use Komodo? Leo says no. He should use Let's Encrypt instead. It's safer. The Synology also has a problem connecting with its own domain name, that's why he'll want to use the Synology Connection method. But even then, the certificate will fail from time to time, prompting Dave to have to reattach. That could be due to limitations of Let's Encrypt, though. If it's persisting, it's necessary to call Synology and have them examine his setup.

He should locally connect first to populate, otherwise it'll take months to populate.