Is there a portable video projector?

Episode 1369 (1:40:24)

Karen from Pomona, CA

Karen is a teacher who travels from school to school and wants to know if there's a portable projector? Leo says what she's looking for a pico projector. The wireless connection solution may vary depending on support. They're usually DLNA format. Go to Search for pico projectors. Motorola's Moto Z has an add on mod for a projector that attaches to the back of the phone.

She also wants to buy a 65" 4K TV. Suggestions? LG's B6 OLED is great, but it's expensive at around $5,000. LCDs have gotten so good though, that there's no real need to spend extra. For a budget, Vizio's are quite good. As are LG, Samsung, Sharp and Sony. It's hard to get a bad TV these days.