Why is my internet access so slow on my computer?

Episode 1356 (36:30)

Amy from Orange County, CA
HP Spectre

Amy is experiencing very slow access to internet and remote desktop, and sometimes it just times out. Leo suggests shutting down remote desktop to see if her browser works better, as it may be taking up resources. It's possible malware may be the culprit, but if she's not seeing anything with MalwareBytes, that's unlikely. It could be something simple like a bad network cable to her router. So she should start easy with swapping out the cable. Since her other computer works just fine, that eliminates the internet connection itself. So we know it's a problem with this particular computer.

Hardware issues like a flakey hard drive could be at fault, or even a corrupted driver. Amy should boot her computer in Safe Mode with Networking. If that makes it work fine, she'll know it's a driver. If not, it could point to a bad network stack in Windows, and she can run Windows Install and select "Repair." It sounds like it's time to get a new computer, though, and Leo says the new HPs are beautiful.