Why does my system tray have an EXE file in it?

Episode 1291 (1:56:19)

Nicki from Los Angeles, CA

Nicki saw an .exe file she didn't recognize in her system tray. Leo says that system trays hold icons of programs that are running and if she hovers over them, she should get some information. It could also be an error. It's causing security issues and Windows won't load her antivirus. It could be an infection, so she should update her antivirus or use Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Nicki also heard Leo mention Quicktime in a previous show. Leo says that Quicktime isn't being updated in Windows anymore so he recommends making sure it won't launch when she's browsing the internet. She can always play videos with VideoLan.

Should she buy a new laptop? Leo says that a Chromebook is probably a better buy for her. It's much more reliable, secure, and there's usually an alternative for many of her current programs. She can also install Ubuntu or Xubuntu on that old comptuer and it would breathe new life into it.