Why doesn't Google Talk work in Google Chrome?

Episode 1197 (1:35:32)

Daniel from Woodland Hills, CA

Daniel has been using Chrome with Windows XP. When making calls using Google Talk in GMail, it breaks up, but it works fine with other browsers. Leo says it could be a plug-in issue that's running in the background and taking up more resources. Chrome isn't exactly lightweight, and can be a battery hog when on a laptop. So it could be a similar issue as other things are going on in the background. Anytime he's using voice over the internet, he's using a lot of bandwidth and resources. So Daniel should try removing any unneeded plugins and extensions.

Daniel also says that Chrome doesn't update and he always has to go to the Chrome website. Leo says that's an issue with Daniel's XP install. So if he can't get an update, there's likely an issue with his OS.