How is the Blu Vivo Android Phone?

Episode 1121 (33:57)

Andrew from Eerie, PA
Blu Vivo

Andrew has heard that while bengate is grabbing headlines, the HTC One M8 bends even easier than the iPhone 6. Leo says that's because both are made out of metal. It's ironic because plastic phones don't bend at much, but when they do, they can break easily. That's why most Android phones use metal trim and plastic backs. And the antenna can get better reception that way as well.

Andrew also got a Blu Vivo 4 Android phone upgraded to 4.4. Leo says that Blu is popular outside of the States. Leo says that it's the butter size of 4.8", which is an ideal size for holding in the hand while still having some real estate. And at $299 unlocked, it's a deal and it makes Leo realize we are overpaying for our phones.