What's wrong with my hard drive?

Episode 1078 (1:39:51)

Kevin from West Babylon, NY

Kevin has a hard drive that hasn't been working right, so he used SpinRite and now he's getting an error called "overflow error." Leo suggests getting a NewerTek USB universal drive interface and connecting the drive to another computer. This will allow him to get all the data off it without having to deal with booting it up through the computer. It'll just be treated as a data drive. It will also tell him whether the drive can be read or not. If so, then it's likely a bad file. He should also try booting into safe mode. If he can get into it in safe mode, it could be a bad driver at fault. It doesn't have to be a bad hard drive to cause problems. He can also run SpinRite via USB when he has it connected to the universal drive interface.

Kevin can also get a boot disc and boot up into that, bypassing the hard drive and then diagnose it that way. Bart's PE Boot Disc is a good one. Leo also says that sometimes it's not even worth the effort. If he doesn't have vital data on a hard drive, it's often cheaper and easier just to buy a new one and start over.