How to Safely Watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse

In a few weeks, on August 21st, there will be a total solar eclipse in North America. It will be possible to see at least a partial eclipse everywhere in the US, but some places will get totality, meaning the sun will be completely blocked by the moon. That will happen in a band stretching across Oregon to Florida.

There have been a lot of questions about how to watch it and photograph it, but the most important thing is to protect your eyesight. If you look at the eclipse unprotected, you can literally burn a hole in your retina. Even though it may not seen very bright, staring at even a sliver of the sun can cause permanent damage.

There are a lot of clever techniques for safely watching the eclipse. This is especially important if you have kids that will want to look at it. For example, if you can find a tree covered area where the sun is shining through the gaps in the leaves, you'll be able to see the image of the eclipsing sun projected onto the ground.

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