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Find Out If Someone Else Has Accessed Your Gmail Account

If you suspect your Gmail account may have been hacked, there's a quick and easy way to get an activity log. When looking at your inbox, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look in the lower right side. It will tell you when the last account activity was, and it has a link to "Details." Clicking on that link will show a log of all the recent activity on your account. It will show the IP address of the computer used for each login, as well as the physical location for where that login originated. It also will show you the browser and apps used with the account.

Johnny Jet's Quick Tips on Getting Cheaper Airfare

Johnny Jet has some quick tips for getting cheaper airfare to go home for the holidays:

1. Be flexible. You're not going to get a deal leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday like everyone else wants to do.

2. Stay away from the low fare carriers. Even though it shows a really low price, you're actually going to end up paying more if you're checking or carrying a bag on.

3. Consider the time of day. Leave the time blank when searching for tickets.

Get Your Own Custom Email Address

A custom email address means having your own name or business after the @ sign. For instance, instead of or, your email address would be @[yournamehere].com. Once you have your own email address independent of a webmail service like Gmail or Yahoo, you have full control of where your email goes. This will basically be a forwarding address, so if you'd like to switch mail providers, you won't have to tell everyone to email you at a new address.

Protect Your Electronics with a UPS

Lightning and power fluctuations can cause a lot of problems with electronics. Many people buy surge protectors to safeguard their computers, but that can only go so far to protect your devices and computers. For instance, if the power suddenly goes out, there's nothing keep your computer from potentially losing critical data and shutting down in an unsafe manner. Also, in the event of a lightning strike, there's so much power surging through that no surge protector will sufficiently save you. A much better solution is to get a UPS, or "Uninterrupted Power Supply."