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Multiple Smaller Drives are More Reliable than 1 Massive Hard Drive

Leo advises to buy multiple smaller hard drives over one extremely large hard drive. The bigger the size, the higher the error rate...which can be catastrophic in the worst case scenario. In any case, move away from old spinning drives to faster Solid-state Drives (SSD), where the cost per gigabyte is getting conveniently cheaper. You may have so much storage in the future that you could forget to discipline yourself on cleaning out files!

Backing Up Your Hard Drive Correctly

When backing up data, it's best to create more than one backup of your data. If that one backup were to fail, you'll be out of luck on recovering your data and may potentially have to spend money on a service to help recover your data for you. Even then, it may not be possible.

The best practice to backing up your data is following a 3-2-1 backup strategy: three backups, on two different media, and one off-site. The site,, is a great resource that shows you how to appropriately back up your data. 

Digitizing & Organizing Photos

When scanning your old photos and scrapbooks, there are plenty of services that can do them for you. However, there is a risk when using these services and shipping your items to them. Ideally, you would want to take your items to a local photo company that will do it in-house and not ship it anywhere.

Use Reputable Apps to Scan Sensitive Documents

If you are scanning important, sensitive documents with your cell phone and sending those files over the internet, make sure to use an app from a reputable, reliable company. Do not use apps from relatively unknown developers, where images could potentially be intercepted. On Android phones, use Google Drive's scan option. On iPhone, open the Notes app and hit the + sign, then tap the "Scan Documents" option. Evernote Scannable is also a legitimate high-quality (free) scanning app.

Do Not Feel a Need to Renew McAfee Antivirus

Do not be tempted to redeem McAfee antivirus on your Windows PC after a current trial has expired. Leo says to uninstall the software and just use Windows Defender, which Microsoft has been doing a great job with. Leo says you are basically putting a trojan on your system if you are choosing certain 3rd-party low-level programs because any flaws they might have can be a possible conduit for bad guys to infiltrate the computer. Plus, Windows Defender is free with Windows 10!

Use PC Perspective's Hardware Leaderboard to Get Started on Building a New PC!

If you are looking to build a new computer and have trouble putting together the right components, visit PC Perspective and look at their hardware leaderboard. Click the tab at the top that says "HW Leaderboard" and check out the low-end, mid-range, high-end, and dream system rundowns. The HW Leaderboard comes with recommendations for the proper processor, motherboard, video card, memory, hard drive. sound card, and power supply to get you started on building the type of PC you want.

Examine the Layout of a URL to Check its Legitimacy

When you want to find out if you should stay away from typing in a suspicious and possibly fake web address, check the URL's TLD (top-level domain) which should imply whether the site is legitimate or not. For example, if a web address reads Google(dot)com/blahblah then it is a legitimate Google page. However, bad guys can spoof Google and create an address like Google(dot)badguy(dot)com which may easily deceive many victims at first glance. Always be cautious of deceptive URLs and links that can infiltrate your device if clicked.

Use Google Fi + Moto G6 when Traveling to Turkey

If traveling to or staying in Istanbul, Turkey for a while, buy an affordable Motorola Moto G6 and use a Google Fi phone plan with it. It is only $10 for each gigabyte of data (until 6GB) and $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts. Leo used this combination when he went to Turkey and had a great, convenient time while enjoying the bridge country where the East (Asia) meets the West (Europe).